Sunday, 10 June 2007

Blood Bowl

I spent a lot of today playing Blood Bowl. Basically someone looked at Warhammer, and thought to themselves 'what would it be like if these guys were playing American Football instead of fighting? And what if there were basically no rules, and players were free to kill, injure and maim each other?'

Well, it turns into a really fun game. It takes about five minutes to set up, and a game can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 or so. There is a great strategical element, and also a great luck element, as all good games should have. What's more, if you are playing in a league, you keep your team throughout, and your team and players can get better, get more skills, and improve themselves, so you really start to care for your team.

So last week, my team, an undead team unimaginatively called Storge's Zombie All-stars played their first game, losing narrowly to the Spitberg Soulstealers, a Chaos team. This week I wa up against the league's top team, the Dark Elf Har Garrath Harpies, and I didn't really think I had a chance.

The game started well, and within three turns I had taken out four of his players. This allowed me to score a touch-down just before the first half ended. In the second half I was able to score again pretty quickly, and then sail to victory, although he did score a touchdown out of pride just before the game ended.

In fairness, I had a great deal of luck going for me, and the other guy kept rolling 1s, so I shouldn't really have won, but hey.

Play this game. You will love it.

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