Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Glory of Glories!

So I recently got my mitts on a Nintendo DS. This is news in and of itself, but crucially it has allowed me, for the first time ever, to play Final Fantasy III. Now, the game isn't exactly as it originally was on the NES. It's had a facelift, and the graphics are more-or-less equivalent to the graphics of FFIX. The story is a fairly conventional early Final Fantasy story. Warriors of Light have to bring balance back to the world by collecting power from crystals, each of which represents an element.

The job system is fairly flexible, although it is a little annoying that if you switch jobs, your character has a breaking-in period where he/she is less powerful. Now, this makes sense as something to stop gratuitous job switching in dungeons, but you would think that resting should stop it happening!

Anyway, more on that when I finish the game.

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