Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My current manga collection

Because I wanted to quantify exactly how much manga I had, I will list them here. This also serves to display my arrogance at the fact that I have a shocking amount. This is from memory, so I probably have more.

Dragonball: 42 volumes
Naruto: 37 volumes (technically cheating as some is computerised. English manga hasn't been released that far yet, so I have to get scanlated manga, which is actually better quality translation!)
Oh! My Goddess!: 26 volumes
Battle Royale: 15 volumes
Love Hina: 14 volumes
Negima: 13 volumes
One Piece: 13 volumes
Great Teacher Onizuka: 9 volumes
Ikkitousen: 8 volumes
Arm of Kannon: 8 volumes
Chobits: 8 volumes
Priest: 6 volumes
Psychic Academy: 4 volumes
Ai Yori Aoshi: 3 volumes
.Hack// Legend of the Twilight: 3 volumes
Deus Vitae: 3 volumes
Azumanga Daioh: 2 volumes
Saiyuki: 1 volume

So there you have it. 226 (if my maths is good, which it usually isn't) volumes that I recall, probably a couple of dozen more that I don't. At between 5 and 7 quid a time, that totals a shocking amount, although I got a lot of them on special deals. For example, I bought a lot of them at this small comic shop near where I live. The guy who owns it is cool. He gave me pretty much all of Dragonball free when they were clearing stock because he knew I liked it (and I bought the first dozen or so volumes.)

Manga is cool, and looks cool while displayed on a shelf in alphabetical order.

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