Sunday, 10 February 2008

The World of Darkness- Session One

I'm currently running a World of Darkness campaign. The first session was the other sunday, and the second starts in about an hour. The campaign is set in and around the London offices ofParasol Incorporated, a pharmaceutical company with a slightly shady reputation. Yeah, shamelessly ripped off from Resident Evil, but they story is going in a different direction.

The characters are the following. Donald Burns, who is on the board of directors. David Fisher, who is a Private Investigator, and Adam Thrace, who heads the security team. This is a coincidence, but it more or less means that there is a mental character, a social character and a physical character. Anyhow, this is what happened last week.

Mr. Bryson, the Chairman of the Board, called all three into his office. Fisher had been called in to find the source of a leak in the company's security. He had been partnered with Thrace, the head of security, and put under the command of Burns. A quick search of the research room, which required a code to enter, revealed a dead body there. Whoever it was had been completely eviscerated, and was unrecognisable. A scan of the cameras revealed that they had been tampered with, completely covered in static and white noise.

Fisher took a closer look, and realised that the footage and sound still existed, but completely covered. A techie was quickly summoned, and he began work on the video and footage. He said, however, that it would take a while.

In the meantime, the body was identified as David Kaplan, a low-ranking member of the security team who had been on security duty that day. Thrace is shocked, and immediately summoned the person who had taken over from him, demanding to know what happened. A quick questioning session revealed that he had hadn't seen Kaplan, who was supposed to have passed the shift off to him. Not only had he not investigated, but he hadn't brought the anomoly to the attention of anyone. He was immediately put on unpaid leave, pending a firing.

The sound was restored to the video camera footage, and it revealed a conversation between Kaplan and an unknown voice in the research room. It appears to be a conversation about stolen research. Kaplan demands a bigger cut of the profits, and is swiftly dispatched.

It is realised that Adam Weaver, the security guard who had just been fired, might hold a valuable clue. He is brought back in, and a makeshift interrogation room is set up in the basement in the janitor's office. Thrace fills the room with various nasty looking implements. Weaver is clearly shocked at the room, and his defences swiftly crumble. He admitted that Kaplan had promised him £3000 if he said nothing about disappearing early. With gambling debts looming, Weaver had no choice but to agree. However, he had no idea that Kaplan would end up getting killed. The last piece of imformation he could give was that Kaplan had said he was meeting a man from a rival corporation, Solomon Corp.

Fisher was volunteered to infiltrate Solomon Corp, and he started by taking a guided tour of the building. In one of the labs he heard a voice that sounded very much like that on the sound of the footage. He is introduced to Frank Johnson, a supposed genius researcher whose research topics synched eerily with those stolen from the research room. The tour swifly concluded, and his finding were brought back to Parasol. After a long argument, it was decided that they should search for more evidence on Johnson before alerting the police.

That evening, Fisher and Thrace stake out his house. At about 2Am, he leaves the house and begins walking down the street. Thrace breaks and enters, while Fisher follows the man. No incriminating evidence is found in the house, and Thrace gets a message from Fisher telling him that the man was meeting with another person in the local graveyard. Thrace makes his way there quickly and the two of them hide behind a tombstone. After a few minutes of quiet talking, Johnson leaves one way, but quickly draws a machete and starts walking towards their hiding place. The other man scarpers behind the church.

Pulling out his gun as Johnson advances, Thrace yells at Fisher to follow the other man.


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