Monday, 11 February 2008

The World of Darkness- Session Two

Here is the second part of the campaign:

Thrace kept the gun leveled at the advancing Frank Johnson, and after repeated attempts to get him to put the weapon down, he shot him in the leg. Handcuffing him to a railing, he went after his friend.

Meanwhile, Fisher was desperately trying to catch up with the fleeing man, and not having much luck. The man made it to a car park, throwing himself into a white van that was parked up and powering it up. Fisher slowed down, taking a note of the numberplate, and thinking it was best to retreat. As he was doing so, the back doors of the van opened, and a huge dog leapt out. A gigantic german shepherd, feral and beserk, started to chase him. Waiting until it was within a few yards of him, Fisher fired a taser blast, the probes catching the dog in its haunch and stunning it to the ground. In its jerking about it manages to catch Fishers arm with its claw, giving him a nasty, but not deeply. It seems then to have a heart attack and go limp.

Going back to see their unconcious friend, they wake him up, before interrogating him as to what was happening. He isn't talking, however, so Thrace knocks him out again, planting evidence of his crime on him (all for the greater good, right?) and scarpering. Stopping only to torch the car they arrived in, they both go home.

The next morning, they are called into the office by Mr. Bryson, who asks them what they'll do next, and tells them two things. Firstly, Frank Johnson was arrested the previous night, which they pretend to know nothing about, and secondly, the security guard who they had arrested the previous session had died in custody. Apparently going insane, he killed two police officers before succumbing to a heart attack.

Fisher contacts an informer he has in the police department, who agrees to get him the autopsy report, and information regarding the vehicle that he had chased the previous day. This quickly gets back to him, and tells him that the vehicle is registered to a Sam Marwick, the address of who he supplies. He also says that he can't talk much, as a situation is developing. Eight people have disappeared from a local asylum.

A late night breakin nets some interesting clues. A laptop and a hard drive are recovered. Once cracked open, most of the information is useless, but some of it is good, including extended exchanges of emails between Sam, Frank and numerous others. Experiments are mentioned, as is a sinister formula. A map to a warehouse is provided, and a newly arrived email provides directions that Sam should come to the warehouse as soon as possible.

Heading down to the warehouse in Adam's car, they spot several people heading inside. Finding a back entrance that leads into the office at the back, they peek through the door to the main area. On the balcony that runs around the inside, several people can be heard talking about the experiment, mentioning that the fatal side-effect of the drug is still there, but comes into play much more slowly as will be shown by the next test.

In the centre of the room, several people can be seen stirring in a cage. They appear dishevelled, but feral, and they immediately begin tearing at the cage door. All of them wear uniforms marking them as inmates of a local asylum. They tear through the cage, running for the front door of the warehouse and freedom. The three intrepid heroes leap into the car, and the semi-psychotic Thrace started running them down. A couple ran back into the warehouse, so he called the police, fled the scene, crashed the car intentionally, sabotaged his own brakes and claimed to have been in an accident.

As the police vanished towards the warehouse, with the fates of the conspirators unknown, our heroes take stock of their situation.


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