Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Otaku of Opportunity

So, if for some reason you've stumbled across this new blog, you're probably wanting to know a little about me. I'm an 18 year old student/avid geek/anime and manga otaku.

I even conform to the stereotype. You know the drill, right? Bookish, somewhat antisocial, overweight, obsessed with all things Japanese. I play all sorts of table-top roleplaying games. Principally Dungeons and Dragons but also Shadowrun, World of Darkness and a little bit of Exalted. I also play TCGs (and if you don't know what that stands for then what are you doing on the blog of this humble nerd?) such as Magic and Warlord: Saga of the Storm. I love computer games, have an active World of Warcraft account (although I tend to get to about level 20 and then start a new character), have about £500 worth of manga in book form and even more on my computer (although a lot of them are backup duplicates), have a similar amount of anime, and am trying to learn Japanese.

However, I don't know the last thing about computers, can't code, can't build a computer. So I'm not completely lost to nerditude!

I have also recently started learning Kendo, which is great fun indeed.

Yeah, that's all I'm saying about myself. Drop me a comment if you drop by.

As to what this blog is? Mostly it's about my geekiness. I will attempt to post at least once a day on topics close to me. Specifically, geek stuff. Anime, manga, my learning of japanese, RPGs, card games, that sort of thing.


goku354 said...

Hey, welcome to the blogosphere. You seem to like most of the same things i do.

First comment!!!!!

I'll defintly be checking back.

Retlor said...

Interesting. Can I ask how you found my blog? Nice to meet you.