Saturday, 10 March 2007

Warlord Tournament

I spent today at a tournament of the CCG Warlord: Saga of the Storm.

Mostly I utterly lost (partly because I've only been playing a few months but mostly because I suck), although a few games I won. You play a person in three games (best of three). My deck was a Deverenian deck based around Baron Bastein.

The first person I played was using a Nothrog deck based around Grantuk Rageblade. Two frontline fighter warlords, so we were pretty even. I won the first game quite convincingly. The second game I was dominating, until he used the spell card 'Chosen', the item card 'Gloves of Mercy', and the frontline fighter card 'Trugg' (who allows people behind him to make melee attacks from the second rank) and wiped my warlord out in one hit. So it comes down to the third game, which he won after a long slog.

The second person I played was using an Elf deck based around a warlord called Etra. Now, Etra's ability is that you can spend a druid in your army to move a character in your opponent's front rank back a rank. This can be used to great effect to create illegal ranks. (Basically, for those who are unaware, in Warlord you have battle lines. Any given rank cannot be bigger than the rank in front of it, or there is an illegal rank which must be rectified by moving characters into the next rank.) Since you spend when you fall forwards, this ability quickly spends your entire first and second rank. Then it stuns them. Finally your stunned characters have to start falling forwards. If a stunned character falls forwards it takes a wound. This means that the smaller characters who are there to soak up damage are quickly wiped out, and if your warlord has any health left then he will be pounced upon and torn to peices by your opponent's front rank. Needless to say I lost two fairly convincing games against that person.

Third round was against a Dwarf deck based around a warlord who I don't recall, which I lost narrowly to 2-1.

I was out at that point. The odd thing is, in the friendly games that went on around the competition, I won about 50% of my games, but under the pressure of the tournament I fell to pieces. Still, I have a few extra cards through trades and now I'm putting together a Free Kingdoms deck, which I hope will kick some serious behind.

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goku354 said...

I don't play warlord, although ive seen it at the local comic book shop. Do you play versus?